Taylor & Francis eBooks is an interdisciplinary database with electronic books. The University Library provides access to a section of the books within social sciences, primarily within business and entrepreneurship as well as media and communication science.

Ebooks from Taylor & Francis are either with or without copy protection (DRM). Most books can be downloaded and printed without restrictions. To read the books with DRM you have to install FileOpen, a plug-in to Adobe Reader. You can then read the book online and also download the PDF, but it will only be accessible for 36 hours. There are also restrictions on the amount of pages you can print - 30 per session – and the number of simultaneous users.  It's not possible to print from a downloaded file.

Access to copy protected books is limited to 1 simultaneous
user.  If the book is already in use, information is given on how long you'll have to wait before you can read it.