In Dawsonera you will find e-books on different subjects.

Under the tab “eBook Catalogue" the e-books available to Jönköping University users are listed. You can also search in the entire Dawsonera collection and read these e-books for a limited period of time.

You can read the e-books online, but you also have the possibility to download and read them offline.
If you choose to read online, you have the possibility to search within the full text, and you can add your personal notes to the e-book, Your notes are saved against your login and will automatically appear the next time you login. You also have the possibility to save your favourite e-books against your login.

You can download an e-book from the portal if you want to read it offline. You can then choose to keep it for a maximum of three days. You can neither add notes, copy, nor print from a downloaded e-book.

If you use a Mac computer, iPad or iPhone you need to open the downloaded e-book in Adobe Redear.

For some of the e-books the access are limited to 1-3 simultaneous users.  If the limit of users is reached, you can add yourself to a waiting queue and you will be notified by email when the e-book is available.

Content updated 2020-05-20