• Doctoral Do's and Don'ts: Beware of predatory journals!​

    Doctoral Do's and Don'ts is a series of mini-lectures, where the library's team for research support share useful tips for doctoral students.
  • Limited opening hours for the library group rooms

    The renovation of the library's entrance hall leads to limited access to the group rooms.
  • Renovation of the library entrance hall

    Next week, the renovation of the library's entrance hall will begin. During this time, the library will have temporary entrances via Caffè Dallucci and the journals room. From Monday 21 February, the group rooms will have the same opening hours as the library.
  • Not only course literature

    Our new fiction department will soon have better lighting and a nice reading corner, but the books are in place. Feel free to stop by and see if you can find some exciting reading.Here are some tips: