Report from a fruitful visit at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Maria Björk and Karina Huus from the School of Health and Welfare, Department of Nursing have in the first week of October visited the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. They encountered a sunny warm and welcoming campus. During the visit they met a lot of colleagues from different departments to discuss collaboration both within research and education.

First, we met with an old friend, Professor Rune Simeonsson who has worked with the CHILD research group at JU for many years. Furthermore, we met with Professor Gwen Sherwood at School of Nursing, UNC and Doctor of honor at JU. Together we had enriching discussions about reflective practice and how to use it within education. Dr Sherwood who is the former dean of Global Initiatives introduced us to Dr Asley Leak Bryant, who is the current Associate Dean for Global Initiatives at the School of Nursing. Together with her we explore different options of student exchange in the ongoing Erasmus ICM + program. Currently, JU has one nursing student who is doing an exchange semester at UNC Chapel Hill. She is experiencing a fruitful and interesting time at the university. She truly recommends this exchange experience to other students.

During the stay we also met with Dr Valerie Howard, Dean and Professor at School of Nursing. She supported the ongoing collaboration between the universities and wanted to facilitate future collaboration. Discussions were also held with Dr Jennifer Alderman regarding interprofessional learning, simulation, and reflective practice. Further, we met with Dr Shamila Udyavar who is responsible for COIL initiatives at the university. She welcomed the already ongoing COIL project regarding undoing racism in health care who is facilitated by Dr Theresa Raphael Grimm. Both students and faculty highly appreciate this COIL initiative which will be described in scientific articles. Research and education collaboration were also discussed with Dr Eric Hodges and Dr Sheila Santacroce whom we have worked with for several years and with Dr Lisa Woodley who is the Global Education Coordinator.