Book on older people receives prize

Marie Ernsth Bravell, together with three other editors, received the 2017 Studentlitteratur special prize, for a book on older people.

The other three editors are Anna-Karin Edberg and Kerstin Blomqvist from Kristianstad, University, and Helle Wijk from the University of Gothenburg. The book will be on sale from August this year.

– We are of course very happy and proud to have received such a prize, and that many of the contributors in the book are from the School of Health and Welfare at Jönköping University, says Marie Ernsth Bravell.

Besides Marie, Iréne Ericson and Annette Nygårdh have also written chapters in the book.

The book is written for nursing students at both the undergraduate- and masters level, and the editors were very particular in the planning of the book.

– We looked at all the course syllabi and curriculums in ageing studies in all universities in Sweden, to be sure that we were covering all course aims in the book. Before, we mostly used Norwegian or American research in nursing education, so it seems important to highligt the Swedish research in this area, says Marie Ernsth Bravell.

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