Conference about the value of collaborations

Collaborations create value - but what challenges may we encounter and
what methods should be used? These issues will be discussed during a
conference on participatory action research on 7-8 June at Jönköping

Researchers and practitioners from all over the country will visit the conference The added value of collaboration and challenges in participatory action research (held in Swedish). The conference is organized by SPARC and SIRA, associations with the task to strengthen, develop and explore participatory action research and collaborative research. During this meeting, they want to especially highlight the added value of collaboration and present examples of how this value can turn out in different contexts.

“There is a great interest in cooperation between universities and the surrounding community right now. It is important that we do not start from scratch, without taking advantage of the knowledge and experience that has been developed over the years in past collaborative projects. At this conference, we meet to discuss methodological aspects of the collaboration”, says Cecilia Bjursell who is part of the group organising the conference.

Something else that will be discussed during the conference is the challenges of participatory action research.

The two associations have previously arranged various events together, but this is the first time they organise a conference at Jönköping University.

“Having conference here is good for many reasons, not least given that collaboration has a central place in the university's strategy”, says Cecilia Bjursell.

About SIRA and SPARC

SIRA is an abbreviation of the Swedish Interactive Research Association and is an association of all who work with or are interested in interactive research.

SPARC is an abbreviation for the Swedish Participatory Action Research and Community and is an association of participatory action research.

Contact: Cecilia Bjursell, Director of Encell and member SIRA board member