Research collaboration with Australia

JIBS researcher Magdalena Markowska has received a grant to do research on entrepreneurial identity.

The Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education (STINT) has granted Magdalena Markowska a 3-year postdoctoral transition grant of 600,000 SEK.

The grant will be used for a research project together with Professor Charmine Härtel and PhD Amanda Roan, both from University of Queensland, Australia, and Professor Ethel Brundin, JIBS. The researchers will study entrepreneurial identity, well-being and venture creation as an interplaying process of experience, emotions, cognitions, and intersecting identities.

The aim of the Postdoctoral Transition Grants for Internationalisation programme is to support promising young researchers in Sweden after a postdoc period (which included at least one year abroad) in order to maintain and further develop their international network early in their careers.