Advice for a better legislation

Hanna Almlöf defended her doctoral thesis on Swedish company law.

Hanna Almlöf recently successfully defended her doctoral thesis on Swedish company law, ”Bolagsorganens reglering och dess ändamålsenlighet” at Jönköping International Business School.

Almlöf has studied how the purposes of the Swedish Company Act are fulfilled when applied to owner managed companies.

“Most Swedish companies are managed by their owners, and it was interesting to study if the legislation is suitable for them”, Almlöf says.

She puts emphasis on how owner managed companies can be flexible in their decision making processes, both within the company and in outside arenas such as an owners’ meeting or a family council.

“It is possible, within the framework of the current law, to move some of the decision making power to such less formal arenas”, Almöf says. “But the flexibility of the law could definitely be clarified to make things easier for small and family owned companies.”

External examiner was adjunct professor Carl Svernlöv, Uppsala University Examining committee was professor Svante Johansson, Stockholm University, professor Nette Neville, Århus University, and adjunct professor Filip Truyen, University of Bergen. Chairperson at the defence was professor Jan Andersson, JIBS/SU.