Book by JIBS professor on Forbes list of recommended reading

Creative leaders should read this book about the creative class, according to a new list in Forbes magazine

It has been more than ten years since Richard Florida, renowned researcher in the field of regional development and creativity, published his book The Rise of the Creative Class.

Now, Professor Charlotta Mellander of JIBS, together with Richard Florida, Bjorn T. Asheim, and Meric Gertler, have edited a volume of research, titled The Creative Class Goes Global. It applies the theories of Florida on cities all over the world, not just in the USA. The book was recently on a list in Forbes magazine for recommended readings for creative leaders.

“It’s a big deal to be on this list”, says Professor Mellander. “Forbes is a magazine with great impact, and I’m very happy that the book is getting this attention.”

According to Forbes, all the books on the list can contribute to “fostering more effective leadership and successful creative businesses.” About this book in particular, the article states: “This new work expands critical attention to the growth and development of the creative class in cities around the world.”

Forbes is an American business magazine, well known for its lists and rankings.