New doctoral thesis in statistics

Zangin Zeebari successfully defended his doctoral thesis in Statistics, entitled “On median and ridge estimation of SURE models”, at Jönköping International Business School on Friday, 16 November 2012.

In his doctoral thesis consisting of five articles, Zangin Zeebari makes a progressive generalization of some robust estimation methods to the estimation of Seemingly Unrelated Regression Equations (SURE) models. The robust methods are each of the Least Absolute Deviations (LAD) estimation method, also known as the median regression, and the ridge estimation method.

Faculty examiner was Professor Björn Holmquist, Lund University. The examining committee consisted of Professor David Edgerton, Lund University, Professor Johan Lyhagen, Uppsala University and Assistant Professor Lucia Naldi, JIBS. Chairperson at the defence was main tutor Professor Ghazi Shukur, JIBS.

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