Launch of new JIBS blog

At The Financial World blog ( researchers from JIBS and invited guest writers will be blogging about current events in the financial world.

On Wednesday 18 January the Financial World Blog is launched. This financial web forum will published new contributions on the first Wednesday of each month.

An important objective is to achieve an interesting mix of academic researchers and more praxis oriented financial analysts. These experts come from the US, Canada, Japan and a number of European countries.

The blog's editorial board consists of Johan Eklund, Assistant Professor of Financial Economics at JIBS, Hubert Fromlet, Professor of International Economics at JIBS, Andreas Stephan, Professor of Economics and Finance at JIBS, Hyunjoo Kim, PhD candidate in Economics at JIBS, Andreas Hรถgberg, Ph.D. candidate in Economics at JIBS, James Dzansi, Ph.D. candidate in Economics at JIBS and Louise Nordstrรถm, Ph.D. candidate in Economics at JIBS.

The Financial World Blog