New challenges in TV production

The MMT Centre will host a symposium on television production in Stockholm on 18 February.

Where is independent television production headed? What challenges are new platforms creating? How are formats changing the nature of the industry? These are some of the crucial questions that will be addressed.

Practitioners, policy makers and scholars will meet in the symposium, which is organized by The Media Management and Transformation Centre at Jรถnkรถping International Business School. The aim is to discuss critical issues involved in television production and the rapidly changing environment of audio-visual production and distribution and to clarify the emerging challenges created by the developments and the issues faced by various stakeholders.

The symposium is held at the Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre and among the speakers are Charlotte Ingvar-Nilsson from the Ministry of Culture, Thomas Nilsson from Swedish Television, Lars Beckung from Swedish Channel 5 and scholars from among others Bristol Law School, Free University of Brussels and Jรถnkรถping International Business School.

Among other things, the symposium will explore how the industry is organized currently and how it will change, how the changes affect the production and distribution businesses, and what policies need to be changed, produced, or avoided to address the changes.

The symposium will include four major sessions of one and a half hours, beginning with a short introduction to the context and general issues by the moderators, followed by a discussion by the participants moderated by the scholar. The symposium is designed to be international with speakers from a number of nations and will be open to the public.

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