Creating value in retailing - Workshop on service innovation through postponement

Now it is time to start the new year and discuss different ways of adding value to your business. Take three hours to think about future developments!

When: 8 Feb. 2011 13.30-16.30
Where:  Internationella Handelshögskolan (JIBS) room B4066 (White building floor 4)
Who: Representatives of retailing industry and JIBS master students
Costs: Free of charge

What is service innovation through postponement?
• If you buy a car and you decide on top of the line stereo system immediately, or have this installed later by a workshop.
• Buying a sofa you can decide to order a different colour compared to the model in the store. Increasingly retailers must offer a combination of services and goods to succeed.
• Buying an electronic device having an agreement on a possibility to upgrade is a way to postpone and to create more value

Adding new postponement based services is perhaps the most promising way today of creating more value and new services in retailing industry. We have a research project sponsored by Handelns Utvecklingsråd about flexibility in supply chains where we have focused on postponement, that is, carrying out finalizing operation as late as possible in the supply chain as a way to create flexibility. In the workshop we hope for a fruitful discussion between representatives of retailing industry, researchers and our master students.

The workshop is free of charge but we need you to register in advance.  Please contact or by phone-036-10 18 10


13.30 Introduction Susanne Hertz, professor

13.40- 14.15 What is value creation and value co creation
Sarah Wikner (Just defended her doctoral thesis in the field of value creation)
Discussion on what is value creation in retailing

14.15- 14.30 Representative from retailing industry

14.30-14.45 Some challenges for retailing
Andreas Hedlund, Econ .Lic.  Handelns Utvecklingsråd

14.45- 15.15 Coffee break

15.15- 15.45 What is retail postponement?
Hamid Jafari, Doct.Cand and Anna Nyberg PhD
Discussion on different varieties on retail postponement

16.15 Summing up of the workshop


Susanne Hertz
Professor at JIBS

Participants who send in or hand in three questions on one or several topics prior to the workshop will receive a certificate of participation.