Rules of the game in academic publishing

Professor Rolf A Lundin has had an article published in International Journal of Managing Projects in Business.

The title of the article is ”Ethical considerations in doing and disseminating project management research”, and it is based upon professor Lundin’s experience as an author, reviewer, journal editor and chair of research tracks in conference proceedings.

Without good research results and without publishing there is no way for a researcher to survive in academia and as a researcher. The paper argues that there are many temptations and potential pitfalls for researchers in action as well as in publishing. At the same time there are many written and unwritten rules and the boundaries of the acceptable are not always clear.

In his article, Rolf A Lundin clarifies the “rules of the game” in academic publishing. The concerns in project research are not too different from any kind of management research, and the article covers management research in general and outlines what might be specific for project management research.

International Journal of Managing Projects in Business is a peer-reviewed journal published by Emerald Group Publishing, the world’s leading scholarly publisher of journals and books in business and management. The journal covers all aspects of project management theory and practice, specifically relating to projects and programs of projects.

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