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  • Johan Karltun is a new Associate Professor in work organisation

    What characterises a specific type of work? How can we design working processes in order to maximise the performance and minimise the workload? How do we organise work to facilitate execution and avoid repetitive strain injuries leading to early retirement? These are questions that Johan Karltun, Associate Professor in work organisation, addresses in his research.
  • Resources and discourses – two sides of entrepreneurial identity

    Immigrant women entrepreneurs are not a homogenous group, but their collective stories can tell us something about the intersection between ethnicity, gender and class, and bring together two separate tracks in entrepreneurship research.
  • CHILD-project granted 560 000 SEK from STINT

    The Swedish researcher Karina Huus at Jönköping University and the South African researcher Shakila Dada from the South African partner University of Pretoria, both received an equal amount for the joint project Participation for children with disability.