Anna Niia

Participation and involvement have been identified as positive aspects of health and as a prerequisite for learning. This research is conducted in schools located in socially challenged neighbourhoods, a total of 6 ordinary schools and 4 preschools. These schools have been selected to participate in a project called IDA which is run by the local government of the town of Västerås with the aim of increasing educational achievement by increasing parental involvement in school and thereby the children´s perceived participation.

Data on each child is collected from the children, their parents and their teachers once a year over four years, starting in spring 2007. Relevant data concerns children´s participation in school and at home, parents´ involvement in school and educational achievement in terms of marks, results on national tests and goal achievement.

The aim of this thesis is to examine the connection between children´s participation in school activities and their educational achievement in relation to parents´ involvement in their children´s school. The project is conducted within the CHILD research programme.


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Other publications

Niia, A., Almqvist, L., Granlund, M., Bengtsson, S. . Mono- and bilingual students' frequency of attending school activities. More information

Licentiate thesis

Niia, A. (2023). Participation in school for children in socially challenged areas: Achieving and socializing (Licentiate thesis, Jönköping: Jönköping University, School of Health and Welfare). More information