Technology, Economy and Design

A yearly upcoming possibility for students.

In collaboration with the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and Linnaeus University (LnU), JIBS is since 2013 engaged in so called TED-projects (Technology, Economy and Design), which are structured  to support connections between students from different disciplines as well as providing a stronger link between business and education. 

The project is built on cooperation between the schools and certain companies in manufacturing and recycling. The idea is to work with projects and cases provided by the companies and created by professors from JIBS, KTH and LnU.

The projects are arranged as a group competition between about 10 groups of students. Each group consists of a mix of students from each school and each school has supervisors in place at all times. The projects run for about two weeks. During the first week the groups have contacts via Skype or similar tools, to get to know each other and to solve some introductory tasks provided by the teachers. During the second week all students meet in the same place and, after an introduction of the case by the company in question, work intensively on a solution. During this week, the students are offered places in a campus close to where the company/companies are situated

To ensure that the projects are beneficial for the companies involved and also build on students previous knowledge, students must have completed at least two years of a bachelor program in business administration and/or the first year of a master program in business administration to be able to participate.

For more information, please contact Magnus Taube.

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