Jönköping University Enterprise

The company Jönköping University Enterprise (JUE) conducts education within Jönköping University. The mission of JUE is to provide preparatory education for higher studies.

Educational activities

JUE offers Pathway Programmes for international students who need to deepen their skills in language, mathematics and science in order to meet the requirements for higher education in Sweden. The goal for the Pathway Programmes is to prepare students for a life in Sweden and provide them with the best base for further higher studies at JU or any other Swedish university. The activities are conducted on JU’s campus in Gränna, in the same premises as the prestigious boarding school Grennaskolan, as well as on campus in Jönköping.

Managing Director

Hanna Ståhl is the Managing Director of Jönköping University Enterprise. She also works as Director of International Operations, a role which involves supporting JU’s management in the overall international strategic work.

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