JIBS' research targets three cross-disciplinary focus areas – Entrepreneurship, Ownership and Renewal. This approach has facilitated the building of a dynamic research milieu, including internationally well-reputed research groups within these areas.

Our focus areas

The area entrepreneurship embraces preconditions for, mechanisms behind, and societal consequences of new business ideas and ventures in existing companies as well as in start-ups.

The area ownership embraces management and governance in business ventures with the aim of explaining the challenges, characteristics, opportunities, and consequences related to ownership of different kinds.

The area renewal embraces research on innovation, technological change, development of businesses, industries and regions, as well as social and economic developments.

Regionally anchored, internationally connected

In its research, JIBS has always put its focus on external relations and practical relevance, which has been a priority since the school’s inception in 1994. The historic province of Småland, where Jönköping is situated, has a long tradition of entrepreneurship and many small and medium-sized companies with a high rate of internationalization. JIBS has always dedicated resources to maintain close ties to companies and other organizations within the region.

In the academic community, nationally as well as internationally, the school is particularly recognized for its highly ranked research on family business and ownership, entrepreneurship, business renewal, and spatial economics, but also benefits from a strong reputation with regards to its highly internationalized faculty.

JIBS has also formed some strong international networks in academia and welcomes a steady stream of international scholars.

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