Eva Gipperth appointed University Director at Jönköping University

Eva Gipperth has been appointed University Director at Jönköping University (JU) and will take up the position on 15 August 2022.

Eva Gipperth

Eva Gipperth

Eva Gipperth comes most recently from the Karolinska Institute (KI), where she worked as Head of Administration for 15 years. Eva has previously worked at the Swedish Agency for Government Employees, where she was responsible for all internal HR issues, and the Government Offices of Sweden, where she was responsible for employee issues within various units, including the political leadership.

Eva has a broad experience of leading both small and large projects and has had the overall responsibility for all administrative issues such as finance, HR, IT, Grants, Internal Operations and Communications at KI. She has worked to build an institution that in a modern way gives students and researchers the best working conditions. Eva has studied Human Resources and Business Administration and has a bachelor's degree from Stockholm University.

“Eva has solid knowledge of the areas that are part of the University Service’s operations. Her competence and experience will be important for the design and development of future business support. Eva’s genuine commitment to the opportunities and challenges within academia, combined with her understanding of change management, are very valuable qualities. We warmly welcome Eva,” says Agneta Marell, President of Jönköping University.

“After 35 years in Stockholm, my family and I will move south to Jönköping to become part of JU. I look forward to continuing to develop the support and service for students, teachers and researchers together with others within JU and University Services so that the conditions are the best for creating world-class teaching and research. Being able to work in the academic environment feels very meaningful and exciting as the benefits of the business not only benefit the individual and our country but have repercussions all over the world,” says Eva Gipperth.