Academic centre: Tekniska Högskolan i Jönköping

Partner companies: Scania CV AB External link, opens in new window., SinterCast AB External link, opens in new window., Volvo Group Technology AB External link, opens in new window., SKF Mekan AB External link, opens in new window., Bruzaholms Bruk AB External link, opens in new window.

Financier: KK-stiftelsen, SinterCast AB, AB Bruzaholms Bruz, Volvo, SKF, Scania

Project duration: Mar. 2022- Feb. 2029

Research group

Attila Diószegi (Project Leader),

József Svidró External link, opens in new window.
Björn Domeij External link, opens in new window.

Juan Carlos Hernando
Vasilios Fourlakidis

Ilia Belov External link, opens in new window.
Judit Svidró External link, opens in new window.

Vasile Diaconu
Taishi Matsushita

Dinesh Sundaram
Ricardo Queirós
Scientific Advisory Baord

Professor Doru Stefanescu, Ohio State University, US

Professor Roberto Boeri, University of Mar del Plata, Argentina

Professor Jacque Lacaze, CIRIMAT Toulouse, France



IFT:JKPG is a research profile at Jönköping University aimed to focus on the materials and manufacturing process of cast iron in collaboration with leading cast iron developer and producer companies where state-of-the-art methods and instruments are used to solve complex industry-related research questions extending the knowledge frontier in materials and manufacturing technologies. The research profile becomes a strategic partner for the collaborating enterprises, who invest more than 5 billion SEK in new cast iron Foundries in Sweden.

Phenomena observed in melting and solidification of casting are complex and demand a combined multidisciplinary expertise in various fields of study and other adjacent disciplines. The project profile includes four research areas (see figure below): Mould-Metal-Gas Interface Related Materials and Phenomena (I), Solidification and Structure Formation (II), Engineering Structure and Properties (III), Modelling & Simulation of Casting (IV) supplemented with three support functions in Laboratory experiments (V), Fundamental disciplines (VI), and Industrially Implemented Research (VII).

Grafik som beskriver forskningsprojektet IFT:JKP på JTH.


Based on societal, industrial, and academic needs the objective of the present research profile is to line up a transdisciplinary research activity and become the first-choice research partner in the world. Thereby the research profile implementation will enable a lean and sustainable design and production of cast iron components, supported by a progressive research environment driven by top-ranked scientists in their research area.
A part of the objective is to reach a critical mass of knowledge and competence, enabling the existence of the research profile long after the official project period.

Expected results

The present project supports cast component users, producers, and suppliers to the casting production industry. The knowledge coproduction model applied in the projects is expected to promote the innovation process at cooperating partners including both large and small industrial companies and academia. Production processes and implementation of cast components in final products are expected to become lean and sustainable with respect to the environmental challenges. Project results will be distributed to industry both domestically and internationally.


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