Academic Partner: School of Engineering

Industrial Partners: Fagerhult Belysning AB, Flexator AB, Husqvarna AB, Obos Sverige AB, Thule Sweden AB, YaPLM AB

Duration of the Project: 2020-2023

Research Team:

Fredrik Elgh (Synergy project manager)

Carin Rösiö

Roland Stolt

Kristina Säfsten


In our new research projekt IDEAL our researchers cooperate with industrial partners to answer the question; How can integrated product and production platforms support agile and demand driven product realisation?

Today, manufacturing companies are faced with the challenge to provide customised products and still maintain the benefits provided with mass production. A new approach to develop products and production systems respectively is required, with capabilities to handle both short-term and long-term changes.

A product realisation process supported by integrated product and production platforms will support the competitiveness of manufacturing companies facing a market characterised by high diversity and change.

Within the IDEAL project, SPARK’s research team, collaborates with industrial partners. To reach the goal several development activities are required, for example method development, in-depth case studies and new ways of working. To cover relevant aspects to enough depth four sub-projects are identified targeting platform planning and development and means for integration.

 Model of how integrated product and production platforms support agile and demand driven product realisation

Expected result

‘’The aim is to support development and integration of product and production platforms and their use in product realisation so manufacturing companies more efficiently can offer unique products and yet being agile to changes in markets, legislations, technology and stakeholders’ demands’’, says Fredrik Elgh.

Model current process of product realisation
Model of ideal process of product realisation


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