Esport Symposium: Developing a Sustainable Future for Esports

27th and 28th of November 2019

The Media, Management & Transformation Centre, Jönköping University

Great news: You are welcome to attend the Keynote address on Thursday! No registration required 

These begin at 9am in B1033, Jönköping International Business School and include input from: 

Tomas Lyckedal, DreamHack

Title: 25 years of DreamHack and how to ensure 25 more

Graham Ashton, The eSport Observer

Title: Our Game: How esports creates community sports out of commercial products

Liza Lind, Female Legends

Title: Empowering female participation to secure the future of eSports

Stephen Hanna, Esports Integrity Commission

Title: The importance of Legitimacy to eSports


The Media, Management & Transformation Centre at Jönköping University, in collaboration with the Esports Research Network (ERN External link, opens in new window.), is proud to host a symposium focusing on the development of esports research and industry collaboration.

Bringing prominent researchers in the area of esports from across Europe together with active members and practitioners within the esports industry, the symposium will examine current trends and emerging topics in the field of esports and examine new avenues for research and collaboration. 

Contact Brian McCauley for more information