Zehra Sayed sucessfully defended her doctoral thesis on March 17, making her the 10th PhD graduate of MMTC

On March 17, 2016, Zehra Sayed successfully defended her doctoral thesis in Business Administration. The thesis title is “Postcolonial Perspective on International Knowledge Transfer and Spillover to Indian News Media: From Institutional Duality to Third Space”.

Chairperson at the defense and the main supervisor was Professor Robert G. Picard, North American Representative of Reuters Institute at the University of Oxford and former Center Director of MMTC. Faculty opponent was Michal Frenkel, Senior Lecturer from Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Members of the examining committee included: Professor Helene Ahl, School of Education and Communication at Jönköping University, Professor Tuomo Peltonen, University of Turku, and Associate Professor Annette Risberg, Copenhagen Business School.

Zehra’s graduation signifies the fact that she is the 10th PhD graduate nurtured and funded by MMTC, a center that started in 2003 aiming to nurture research and talents in the fields of Media Management and Media Economics.

For further details of Zehra's thesis please follow the Jönköping University website link, http://ju.se/en/Article?id=6142&currentpage=