MMTC Welcomes Visting Doctoral Fellow Wei SHAO

Wei SHAO will be visiting MMTC from 11 Feb to 11 March, 2016 on the MMTC Visiting Doctoral Fellowship Program.

Shao is pursuing her PhD in Media and Communication at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. Her area of expertise is journalistic practice, and her research focus is on managing journalistic practice and digital strategy in newspaper organizations. Shao will finalize her fieldwork findings at a Swedish newspaper organization and present preliminary outcomes of her thesis work entitled “Managing Changing Journalistic: A Comparative Study of Three Newspaper Organizations in a Time of Uncertainty and Complexity”. She will also exchange ideas with MMTC members and participate in seminars and other activities at the Center.

Originally from China, Shao worked as a news anchor for a provincial television station and as a journalist for China Central Television and China Daily. She did her Master’s fieldwork research at the Al Jazeera English headquarters in Kuala Lumpur.