Christian Lidstrom from Trendify informs us about Gamification

Christian Lidström from Trendify presented a MMTC seminar on:

“Gamification – how do we achieve to engage and motivate the digital generation?”

Lidström is from Jönköping and received a Business and Economics degree in marketing management at JIBS.

Before he started to study at JIBS he was part of a professional gaming team in Counter-Strike, consisting of players from across the globe, and who were one of the best in the world. They all made a living out of it through competing in tournaments.

Ever since Lidström was a young kid he was always passionate about gaming and it became an important part of his life. Through his passion, knowledge, experience of gaming and understanding the underlying game mechanics that drive us to play games, he criticizes the school systems for not acting faster and more direct on the shift that has happened in society through digitization.

This is where gamification becomes significant in gaming and it is something he has been working with in different contexts.

Currently, he runs his own company where he amongst other things moderates at seminars and participates in various projects.

Besides gamification as concept he is ambitious about changing attitudes towards gaming and to highlight in particular the vast contributions that one can gain from it.