A course on Co-production

Welcome to a flexible, online distance course on co-production in health and welfare. During this applied and reflective course, you can learn about co-production and how to apply it into practice.

The learning journey has been co-produced with patients and public contributors and health professionals and every course we co-produce with students and patient and publics contributors who also teach on this course.

The course is designed to be suitable for those completely new to the topic of co-production, with optional advanced sections for those wishing to explore the topics further.

You can choose to study full time in the spring (5 weeks) or part-time in the autumn (20 weeks. For further information, please go the website,  contact our module leader Daniel.masterson@ju.se or take a look here: https://miro.com/app/board/uXjVPqHuadk=/...

What students say about the course:
- From this course I find enjoyable the way of leaning, but also hearing patient perspective which give me opportunity to look at other side, but also to reflect on me at times when I am patient.

- In the leadership and teaching style I am invited to discover rather than imposed ideas. This is one of the best courses I’ve taken, in terms of how the course is conveyed!