Mikaela Backman guest in Godmorgon Jönköping

How does pedestrianization affect retailing and hospitality firms? This was discussed when Mikaela Backman, Director of CEnSE at JIBS, visited Godmorgon Jönköping on 9 December.

This was the last Godmorgon Jönköping for 2022, and the hall at Kulturhuset Spira was packed this beautiful winter morning. Based on the results from the project "Who will walk 500 miles? Effects of pedestrianization for retailing and hospitality firms", she gave interesting and valuable insights into the effects of pedestrian streets on a place's corporate mix, its business growth, and the attractiveness of the nearby urban environment.

The project is funded by Hakon Swensson Stiftelsen and runs until 2022-12-31. The project leader is Oana Mihauscu, Handelns Forskningsinstitut and project members, alongside Mikaela, are Helena Nilsson, Assistant Professor of Economics at JIBS and Tina Wallin, Adjunct Assistant Professor at JIBS.