Mikaela Backman

Mikaela Backman appointed new Director of CEnSE

Mikaela Backman has been appointed Director of CEnSE at JIBS. She will take up the post on 1 February 2022.

Mikaela has been at JIBS for a long time as she started as a student in 2002, doing her bachelor and her one-year master at JIBS. Since starting as an employee at JIBS in 2006, she has had several different roles, including research assistant, PhD student, Programme Director, Director of PhD Student, and Co-director of CEnSE.

-I like JIBS as a workshop as it is an agile workplace where you as an employee have the opportunity to change and develop the organization, she says.

Mikaela also appreciates the many great colleagues at JIBS and being engaged in a research centre with outstanding researchers and policy-relevant research. She is very much looking forward to her new role as Director of CEnSE.

-I hope to continue the embarked path that we have started. My ambition is to continue developing the centre and enlarging the network to have a continuous flow of incoming guests to add to the already existing research environment here at JIBS. We must strive to be accessible and transparent in all activities that CEnSE are engaged in. This is vital for the legitimacy of the centre and important for both members and non-members, Mikaela says.