After the exchange

After the exchange

When the exchange semester has come to an end there is some remaining work to do.

Accreditation of courses

It is very important that you make sure that everything is in order for your courses to be transferred. More information is found on the page of courses and accreditation.

Evaluation of the exchange studies

It is mandatory for all students to fill out an evaluation of the exchange studies in our online evalutation in PingPong. The information is very valuable both for us to develop the exchange programme and the work within International Relations and for other students who are interested to take part in the exchange programme. They find a lot of useful tips and information through your evaluation.

Presentation and marketing activities

It is very beneficial to students to listen and talk to other students who have been on exchange. It is included in the exchange programme to participate in the marketing activities, as a way to inspire new and more students to take the opportunity to "Go International". Different meetings and activities are arranged every semester and we want you to be a part of them. And we also wish for you to be a contact person for future outgoing exchange students.



All students are required to submit a travel story two weeks after return. You will receive clear instructions from your international relations coordinator in advance. You are also supposed to book a time for debriefing conversation with your coordinator max one month after your return and present your exchange period for future exchange students.