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ITAB Shop Concept AB


Sustainable shopping is one of the leading trends in the retail market over the next coming years. We will see large retailers change drastically towards circularity and sustainable choices for consumers trying to increase footfall to their stores. This will mean change of locations, size of shops, circular products, circular interiors, renewable energy etc.

ITAB wants to be the natural choice for its customers and have developed a sustainability strategy over the past years. One of 4 cornerstones in the strategy is “footprint”. In order to advance its work in this area ITAB has decided to develop a method for “cradle to grave” analysis of product families. To identify with which materials and how a product influences the environment during its lifetime and after end of use, is vital to understand how ITAB can contribute.

The task of the thesis is to describe methods to do this, chose a suitable method and apply it on 2-3 families in ITABs wide range of products.

The products consist of different materials and are manufactured in different parts of the world and use different routes/supply chains to the market and represent the ITAB range of products in a good way. ITAB will together with the students decide the scope and number of products.

We are looking for two or more students that are interesting in circularity and sustainability issues and the methods to understand the impact a product has on our future planet. The analysis should lead to real suggestions on how ITAB can improve the footprint these products leave behind through understanding the climate impact and where actions have best effect. Method, analysis and suggestions, conclusions.

The company supervisor is based in ITAB HQ in Jönköping. The thesis will probably require some travelling to other units in the group. All costs will be covered by ITAB.


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Jenny Backstrand

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2020-01-01 - 2020-05-31

ITAB Shop Concept AB



  • Industrial organization and economy/Production logistics


  • School of Engineering