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How to search - step by step

Literature is a natural part of research, and in order to search strategically you need to plan your search.

The literature in the research process

Research usually demands several different types of literature: background information in order to understand the subject, earlier research in that area, and theoretical and methodological literature. Therefore, to be able to find the information you need is an important part of the research process.

Information searching - more than just clicking on "search"

So, you need to know how to search for literature, like books, articles, research report and so on. But you also have to know what type of literature you need, where you can find it, and how to search for them properly. Finally, you have to be able to critically evaluate what you find.

Learn how to search step by step

On the following pages you will learn how to plan your literature search step by step. You will become more aware of the search process and thereby more efficient in you search behavior. In addition to learning how to plan your search, you will also have the chance to look deeper into essential parts of the information search: different types of publications and their areas of application, search tools for each type, choice of search words etc.

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Content updated 2015-08-11

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