Support for Students

All arrangements that aim to compensate for functional limitations in the study situation is known as special educational support.

The Disability Coordinator will, after having consulted you and the documentation you provide, decide on what support can be offered. We offer a number of different types of support.

The Disability Coordinator will in consultation with the student decide what supportive arrangements might be suitable.

Assisted Note-Taking

Students that find it difficult to take notes during for instance lecture can be offered assistance. This assistance is most often given by a fellow student who is given monetary compensation for this task. Notes can then be copied free of charge at the University Library.

Adjusted Medium

All students at Jönköping University with reading disabilities (such as dyslexia or sight loss) have the right to use adjusted course literature, for instance e-text, talking books or Braille. Our University Library will assist you in this matter. Please read more.

Dyslexia support

If you need special educational support because of dyslexia, please contact the Disability Coordinator. The university has access to a consultant teacher specialized on dyslexia.

Mentor Programme

If you have a neuropsychiatric disability, you may receive the help of a mentor. Together with your mentor you form a plan for your studies in order to add structure and meet the goals you set up. A mentor is usually a fellow senior student.

Examination adjustments/alternative forms of examination

If needed, adjustments to examination arrangements are possible. These
adjustments include for example: extended examination time, using a computer or possibility to perform the examination in a smaller group. The coordinator will decide what adjustments will be made.

Alternative forms of examination can be, for example, the possibility to
complete the examination from home, oral examinations or splitting examinations up into smaller parts to be performed separately. The student must contact the examiner about this no later than two weeks before the examination date. The examiner will then decide in what form the examination will be carried out.

Special aid software and resource room

All the university computers are equipped with special aid software, such as speech synthesis, reading software, and spellchecking software. Some of this software is available for use on your personal computer as well. Contact Help desk for more information.

At the University Library, there’s a resource room equipped with two computers. In addition to the special aid software available on all JU computers, these resource computers also have magnification software. Contact the Disability Coordinator to gain access to the resource room.

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