Pathway for Business, one semester

A semester for those who are interested in business - giving you the skills equivalent to English 6 as well as the mathematics required to study any of our bachelor programmes within business or economics at our international business school. Pathway for Business contains two courses Pathway Semester for International Students and Pathway Mathematics.


16 weeks, 37,5 credits

Programme Content

  1. Course syllabus Pathway Semester for International StudentsPDF
  2. Course syllabus Pathway MathematicsPDF


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Completing the programme

Upon completion of the programme you will have recieved:

  • the English language preparation in reading, writing, listening and speaking necessary for enrollment in degree programmes at Jönköping University
  • acclimatization to Swedish culture making it easier to live and study in Sweden
  • support in adjusting to the demands, challenges and expectations of Swedish higher education
  • direct entry to a degree programme at Jönköping University

In addition at the end of the pathway programme, you will receive a certificate of completion demonstrating skills equivalent to the Swedish high school course English 6 and Mathematics 3b. You can read more about corresponding levels in other countries here.external link, opens in new window

Content updated 2020-09-21