"When you go abroad, you develop new perspectives"

People in my programme come from all over the world: Canada, The Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Latvia, Switzerland, China – and of course Sweden! It’s a really international atmosphere.

Mario Albacete, student in International Communication.

I have a background in media and communication science from Mexico but wanted to deepen my knowledge in international communication. I chose Sweden because I learned that higher education here is top ranked and of high quality. The study pace is different here. Back home, it’s more structured. You have to follow the schedule very strictly. For example, you only get one chance to pass the tests. Here in Sweden it’s more flexible, but still demanding.

When I complete my studies, I would like to continue working with student mobility. I truly believe in international exchange. When you go abroad, you develop new perspectives. You begin to think differently and this changes your life.

I really love Sweden; the people here are so friendly. I have lived in Canada and the weather and culture are rather similar. Bring on the snow!

Mario Albacete
Student, International Communication
School of Education and Communication

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