Below, research projects and thesis work of the research group Industrial Production are presented.

Ongoing research projects

  • The whispering game - Fact based communication to support responsiveness in supply chains
  • LEAP - Long-term learning for improved innovation capability in global project-based development organisations
  • INDUS - Efficient industrialisation supporting successful production ramp-up in supply chains
  • Design-driven innovation in the wood working industry
  • Sustainable production in manufacturing SME
  • Automation strategies in the wood working industry
  • KOPtimera
  • PRODHÖG - Competitive production in a high-cost environment (In Swedish)
  • InPot - Management activities influencing the innovation potential of the organisation (In Swedish)
  • Reshoring I - Generic method for the evaluation of reshoring decisions
  • Reshoring II - Reshoring Swedish industry - drivers and barriers
  • ReActs External link, opens in new window.

Completed research projects

  • Risk management in logistic collaboration (In Swedish)
  • DINO - Distributed innovation projects: Management of technological and organisational challenges in distributed settings (In Swedish)
  • KNOP - Learning and competence driven product introduction for the Swedish manufacturing industry (In Swedish)
  • STRATEGO - Manufacturing strategies supporting competitiveness in small and medium-sized manufacturing companies (In Swedish)
  • PROLOC - Strategic location of production (In Swedish)
  • Schedulers' work in woodworking industry (In Swedish)
  • ProAct - Proactive assembly systems (In Swedish)
  • INTERFACE - Interfaces in industrial innovation processes (In Swedish)
  • Strategic competence development in SMEs - a conceptual study on contents and knowledge transfer (In Swedish)
  • KOPeration (In Swedish)