Active ageing

Active ageing.  Cecilia Bjursellexternal link, opens in new window, Ingegerd Bergeling, Karin Bengtsson Sandberg, Svante Hultmanexternal link, opens in new window & Sven Ebbesson.

The demographic changes, with an ageing population in many countries, are usually seen as a financial problem and the solution is to discuss a higher retirement age. In Sweden, the government is working with changes on several levels to make it possible to continue working later in life. This discussion is however paradoxical. People who are sick or worn-out are afraid of being forced to prolong their work life. People, who want to continue working, cannot stay because of employers’ negative attitude towards older employees. To work longer can be a way for individuals to stay active which promotes good health and well-being, but the discussion needs to include alternative solutions and a broader perspective, not just prolonging working life. Work is often equal to fulltime employment and the role of learning throughout (work)life is seldom addressed. In addition, one often forgets to ask the older adults themselves about their experience and opinion in this matter. We talk about them and not with them.

The report is available here (fulltext swedish).external link, opens in new window

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Content updated 2018-04-24
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