Faculty and advisors

Faculty at the department supervise on all levels of education and together we cover an array of topics. Students are advised to choose topics that match their own experience and the expertise of an available supervisor. This list is under construction.

Bruce Ferwerda, PhD, Assistant Professor of Informatics

Bruce focusses his research in understanding the user and creating user models in a whole range of different application areas. By combining theory-driven (psychological theories and models) with data-driven (e.g., data science) approaches he tries to gain a deeper understanding on user’s behaviors, preferences, and needs, which in turn allow for more generalizable results. Bruce is a member of the HCI Lab.

» Human-centered computing, Human computer interaction (HCI), HCI design and evaluation methods

Domina Kiunsi, MSc, Laboratory Engineer in Informatics

Domina is interested in user-centered design and concept development. Her current teaching and research focuses on user research, user modeling and mapping experiences to inform design. Domina is a member of the HCI Lab.

» Human-centered computing, Human computer interaction (HCI), HCI design and evaluation methods

Jasmin Jakupovic, MSc, Lecturer in Computer Science

Jasmin is interested in software and databases; the 'how it works' and with 'what data' it works are the questions he tries to answer. He is happy to supervise any thesis work that concerns software development or comparisons of software, methods and practices at any level. Also, he has a great interest in data management, databases, data processing, and data mining, so any thesis works within that area are most welcome.

» Software architectures, Agile software development, Database design and models

Johannes Schmidt, PhD, Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Johannes investigates the computational complexity of reasoning mechanisms and satisfiability related questions that arise in AI.
Focus lies on getting a fine-grained understanding of the borders between tractable and intractable cases and the development of efficient algorithms.

» Theory of computation, Parameterized complexity and exact algorithms, software and its engineering

Karl Hammar, PhD, Lecturer in Computer Science

Karl works in knowledge representation and ontologies for the Semantic Web. His research focuses on a) the development of methods and tools supporting ontology engineering in real-world scenarios, and b) integrating semantics/graph-based data with machine learning and other AI technologies. Karl is a member of Jönköping AI Lab.

» Information systems, semantic web description languages, graph-based data models

Maria Riveiro, PhD, Associate Professor of Computer Science

Maria carries out research in the intersection of human-computer interaction (HCI) and machine learning (ML)/artificial intelligence (AI). She investigates the potential of integrating ML/AI techniques with interactive visual analysis methods to support decision-making. Her current research work focuses on Explainable AI (XAI).

» Human computer interaction (HCI), cognitive science, visual analytics

Niklas Lavesson, PhD, Professor of Computer Science

Niklas works in machine learning and knowledge discovery. His basic research focuses on interpretable and interactive machine learning systems. His applied research is conducted in a variety of domains, including: forestry & agriculture, genealogy, healthcare & medicine, law enforcement & security, and smart buildings. Niklas is a member of Jönköping AI Lab.

» Machine learning, classification and regression trees, ensemble methods

Peter Larsson-Green, MSc, Lecturer in Computer Science

Peter likes to optimize things, especially to find weaknesses in applications (security vulnerabilities, badly written code, confusing/tedious interfaces, slow algorithms, bad architecture, etc.), and to analyze them and to come up with ways of improving them.

» Applied computing, data management systems, web applications

Ragnar Nohre, PhD, Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Ragnar is currently teaching full time. His research interests includes mathematics and algorithms.

» Mathematics of computing, information theory, design and analysis of algorithms

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