Gunilla Björling

Head of Department
Department of Nursing , School of Health and Welfare


+46 70-996 88 99
External phone
+46-(0)72-250 50 20
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Gunilla Björling is Professor of Health and Care Sciences and Head of the Department of Nursing, School of Health and Welfare, Jönköping University. She is also Professor of Nursing Science at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College with a demonstrated history of working in research. Skilled in Clinical Research, Lecturing, Science, Research, and Teaching. Gunilla has a strong education professional with a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) focused in Medical, Anaesthesia- and Intensive Care, Nursing, and Technology in Health, Karolinska Institutet and Region Stockholm and Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College, Tanzania.

Dr Björling’s research area focuses mainly on the impact of various medical devices used in health care on the patient. This includes how the material in the medical technical products is affected by patient wear and the inner body environment, the correlation with complications and infection, or how that affects the patient’s quality of life. And are there better materials that can be used and in what way? She is currently a project- and research leader in a multidisciplinary collaborative project including researchers from other universities and hospitals in Europe in technology and health. The research the group conducts within the network is unique and explorative. The understanding of the material in medical devices which is actually inserted into the body and how affects the person living with the device is not always clear to those who work in the healthcare industry, nor to the companies that manufacture the products. It is easy to stigmatize the patient due to their illness or need, and it is extremely important to approach the patient with open eyes and think beyond the disease. The research group's work, with a focus on materials and patient-centred care, has been greatly appreciated due to its innovative and multidisciplinary approach.


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