Skype for Business

NOTE! During spring 2019 Skype will move into Teams and cease to exist as a separate program.

So, what happens to your contacts, conversation history and scheduled meetings when Skype moves to Teams?

  • The conversation history from Skype is saved in the folder Conversation History in Outlook, just as it is today
  • Your Skype contacts will be available in Teams under chat and the tab contacts
  • Your scheduled Skype meetings will be visible in your Outlook calender and in the Meetings tab in Teams

For already scheduled Skype meetings you will be able to join or host them as before, but all new meetings will be scheduled from Teams instead. If you would like to start using only Teams directly after the move, you can reschedule your Skype meetings to Teams meetings.


Skype for Business is a tool for communicating with chat, video and voice call.

How do I log in to Skype for Business?

 Sign-in address: Your full email address.

Password: Enter the same password as for your Jönköping University account.

Then click Sign In.


Can I use Skype for Business to communicate with contacts who use "regular" Skype?

Yes, but with some limitations, as detailed in the following link:

Content updated 2019-03-08

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