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Here you can post ads for jobs, summer jobs, internships, final theses, graduate programmes, projects and more to our students. The ads are visible in the Job Portal, which is a webpage on the students’ web. Click hereopens in new window to see how it looks at the Job Portal.


Step 1: Choose language for your ad. An ad in English will be shown in the Swedish as well as the English ad listing, but an ad in Swedish will only show up in the Swedish listing.


Step 2: Fill out the form with your ad information. Spaces marked with * are mandatory. When the form is saved a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the contact person e-mail address you’ve stated on the form. Now your ad is done!


To edit an ad you follow the editing link in your confirmation e-mail. This will lead you to the editing form for the ad.

If for some reason you shouldn’t receive your confirmation e-mail, or in the event it is misplaced, please contact Andreas Torén for a replacement.

Lisa Wikberg, Andreas Torén, Linda Bergqvist

Content updated 2016-12-13

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