To make sure students get a relevant education, JIBS maintains close ties to business and society.

Our pedagogical approach is built on interactive and experiential learning and the combination of theory and practice. This means that as a student, you will collaborate a lot with other students and connect with companies and organisations in various learning activities and assignments.

In many courses, you will meet business experts in the classroom who take part as guest lecturers. In other courses, the guest lecture will develop into a "live case" where you, often together with other students, are asked to analyse the situation, apply theory, and offer your solution to the problem at hand. Recurringly, your assignment will include approaching a business or organisation to explore a given topic or identifying and addressing a current problem.

The benefits from these practical experiences include that you:

- Learn to cooperate, at times under pressure

- Develop your oral presentation skills

- Learn to apply theory to real practical situations

- Start to build your personal network, within and outside the school