Alumni Gustavo da Nóbrega

Gustavo da Nóbrega from Brazil graduated with a Master of Entrepreneurial Management from JIBS in 2007. These days he is living in his home country again, working as a consultant for SEBRAE - a federal organization in Brazil that helps small and medium sized companies to develop and survive. He has great memories from his time at JIBS and says the international year was essential for him to be able to do what he is doing today.

"Brazil is starting to increase its participation in the international market and it's important to have people in an organization who know how to cooperate with people from different cultural backgrounds. The expertise in entrepreneurship I got from studying at JIBS has also been very valuable."

Why JIBS? Why Sweden?

"Sweden has all the important variables for making it a unique environment for international students. The level of education is high. Courses are taught in English, even though English is not the first language in Sweden. This makes the campus a rich environment in cultural terms. Also, Sweden is a country known for its high standards and quality of life."

Gustavo applied to more than one university in Sweden, but ended up choosing JIBS because of its focus on entrepreneurship, and also because his communication with the university went smoothly and the application process was simple. He was also happy to realize that in case he had questions about his studies, his professors were easy to reach.

"In Brazil you have to make an appointment to talk to a professor." He says he liked Jönköping from the very start. "The peacefulness and the infrastructure of the city with its shopping, gyms, the centre, pubs and beautiful countryside all make it a unique environment for international students.

Name: Gustavo da Nóbrega
Home Country: Brasilia, Brazil
Programme: Master in Strategic Entrepreneurship, formerly known as Innovation & Business Creation 
Work: SEBRAE, Brazil

Content updated 2015-10-02

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