Education with a Mission

International at heart. Entrepreneurial in Mind. Responsible in Action

JIBS Programme portfolio was built on the founder’s philosophy that JIBS shall be different from existing Swedish business schools. The education was designed to emphasize small and medium sized business, entrepreneurship and renewal, in an international context, with a specific aim to serve the needs of the SMEs in the region of Jönköping. Since the start in 1994, JIBS has evolved that original framework, while keeping programmes and curriculum that are still relevant to our core purpose.

Currently, JIBS offers bachelors and master programmes that reflect our focus areas of Entrepreneurship, Renewal and Ownership. Most JIBS programmes and their curricula have at least one foundation course tied directly to one focus area, as well as many other courses that cover content related to the other focus area. In addition, all programmes are designed to mirror JIBS’ guiding principles and therefore have a curriculum, set of courses, or pedagogy requiring students to think and learn globally, innovatively, and responsibly.

The programmes we offer are conducted 100% in English, with the exception of the Civilekonom programme, which has some Swedish-specific content taught in Swedish. The English language is but one aspect of the international orientation of our programmes, though, as the aim of all JIBS programmes is to provide students with competence and experience to enable them to pursue an international career.

Content updated 2015-10-02

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