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Each year, the JIBS Student Association (JSA) organizes Nextstep, a truly international career fair. The fair is aimed at students in Business Administration, Economics and Informatics, and has the purpose to connect students with companies to identify recruitment and business opportunities.

What is Nextstep?

Nextstep is the annual career fair at Jönköping International Business School (JIBS) arranged by and for students since 1994. The core of Nextstep is an exhibition, where local, national and international companies take part to present their operations and attract qualified and talented students.

You can find more information on Nextstep's own websiteexternal link, opens in new window.

Nextstep also includes a unique opportunity for students to network with potential employers and find leads to future career opportunities. Alongside the exhibition, students have the opportunity to apply for contact calls, which are private appointments between a student and a company representative. These contact calls are highly valued as they are an excellent opportunity for students eager to present themselves and their ambitions.

Moreover, Nextstep includes interesting lectures and workshops, and a grand banquet marks the closing of the event. Everything at Nextstep is specifically created for JIBS students, by JIBS students, and you are welcome to attend!

Why Nextstep?

“Nextstep aims to be the most professional and well organized career fair in Sweden. The fair should reflect the international and entrepreneurial spirit of JIBS and all the companies that attend should feel that this is a recruiting event of an exceptionally high caliber.”

Nextstep represents a bridge between students and companies, enabling them to interact with each other and build relationships. Finding openings for future employment is an obvious focus, but besides that the event is an excellent opportunity to find internships and traineeships, or just part time jobs during studies.

The combination of quality and internationalization makes Nextstep a unique, prominent career fair and an excellent opportunity to meet future co-workers. In 2016 more than 60 companies took part in the fair and more than 50 contact calls were scheduled between job-seeking students and potential employers.

Nextstep Team

During their studies at JIBS, all students have an opportunity to participate and plan the fair together with other students. Students who participate in organizing in projects like Nextstep gain important learning experiences and exercise skills related to, for example, project management, sustainability within project organization, entrepreneurship, efficient communications, networking, and the balancing of differences in organizational cultures.

Nextstep is managed by highly motivated JIBS students, taking into account their educational experiences in structuring and managing this large-scale project. Nextstep invites ambitious students to take part for an opportunity to apply theory into practice.

Content updated 2017-07-20

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