Strategy Group

JIBS Leadership Team is advised by a larger Strategy Group, which supports the Dean in realizing JIBS’ strategy by proposing initiatives and processes, ensuring that these are followed, and performing quality and improvement reviews. 

The Strategy Group includes the members of the Leadership Team, plus the Director of PhD Candidates, the Director of Accreditation and Quality, all Heads of Disciplines, two representatives of the Research Centres and two representatives of Programme Directors, and the President of the JIBS Student Association (JSA). The key activities of the Strategy Group include:

  • Informing the Dean of issues perceived as important to colleagues
  • Reporting important information back to the members’ respective constituencies
  • Participation in the annual review of Strategic Priorities
  • Advising the Dean regarding the annual Action Plan
  • Advising the Dean regarding budget issues

Content updated 2014-11-03

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