Programme Advisory Boards

Each Programme Group is supported by an Advisory Board, representing external expertise.

The advisory board comprises the Program Director, the Associate Dean of Education and a number of external stakeholders. The Advisory Board advises on the overall strategy and direction of current programs, including the follow-up of ILO measurement data and changes in the program syllabi, and the potential of new programs. The Advisory Boards meet twice a year.

Each advisory board consists of between 5-10 individuals representing a relevant mix of competence from industry; including international outlook and experience. Depending on the programs in focus, this indicates a mix of members from the public, private, as well as third sectors. At least one member of the Advisory Boards should be a JIBS graduate. 

Depending on whether there is a specific topic on the agenda for the Advisory Board, one or two purposefully selected faculty members involved in teaching the program can also be invited to the meeting. 

Advisory Board for Master Programmes in Business Administration

Kajsa Haag, Program Director JIBS
Anna Blombäck, Associate Dean of Education JIBS
Mattias Hörberg, CFO Elmia AB
Johannes Falkestöm, Exportrådet, Business Sweden, JTH alumni
Tobias Dahlberg, Business Developer, Science Park
Chantal Coté, international strategist, Jönköping Municipality
Stefan Jonsson, CEO Garo Per Gerleman, CEO Herenco invest AB, JIBS alumni
Mats Green, Polititian, JIBS alumni
Bo Angelstrand, Executive VP Sales and Marketing NEFAB Group
Ida Larsson, head of private banking, SEB, JIBS alumni

Advisory Board for Civilekonom Programme

Johan Larsson, Programme Director JIBS
Anna Blombäck Associate Dean of Education JIBS
Niklas Bengtsson, KPMG
Sotiris Delis, Riksdagen
Anna Gillek Dahlström, Svenskt Näringsliv
Nina Forssblad, Civilekonomerna
Ida Franzén Leibnitz, Science Park
Kim Jacobsson, Ungdomar AB (on maternity leave 2017/2018)
Peter Scott, Svenska Mässan

Advisory Board for Programmes in Economics

Mikaela Backman, Programme Director JIBS
Anna Blombäck Associate Dean of Education JIBS
Jonas Ekeroth, Jönköping Chamber of Commerce
Anders Ekström, Nordea
Andreas Zeidlitz, Jönköping kommun
Harald Svensson, Swedish Board of Agriculture

Advisory Board for Bachelor Programmes in Business Administration

Marcela Ramirez Pasillas, Programme Director JIBS
Anna Blombäck Associate Dean of Education JIBS
Kent Ly, Jungle Thai
Camilla Erixon, Simonssongruppen
Dan Spjern, Brandly Kommunikation
Jan Hedenborn, AD Company Sweden
Jonas Willaredt, Husqvarna Group
Anne-Marie Hagström-Hirschberg, Regional Development Council, Jönköping County
Ulrika Tjärnén, SAAB Group

Advisory Board for Programme in Informatics

Andrea Resmini, Programme Director JIBS
Anna Blombäck Associate Dean of Education JIBS
Jonathon Colman, Facebook
Morgan Ledner, Volvo-IT
Caroline Fruberg, Jönköping County Council
Richard van Rees, KPMG
Magnus Persson, Sogeti
Andriy Shyshka, Husqvarna Group

Content updated 2017-11-21

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