Eduniversal ranks JIBS among Excellent Business Schools (3 palms).

In a report from The Swedish National Agency for Higher Education, JIBS ranks number 1 in number of business and economics bachelor students and 2 in number of master students who had established themselves in the labour market 12 to 18 months after graduation.

In the 2013 edition of the annual survey of Swedish business school graduates by the Swedish Association of Graduates in Business Administration and Economics (Swedish: Civilekonomerna) those graduating in 2009 were surveyed. JIBS ranks first in Sweden in the number of graduates who now work abroad. The same survey ranked JIBS second in Sweden when it comes to the number of graduates who found relevant employment within one year after finishing their studies (96%).

The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise has ranked JIBS’ programmes in the top five places on their list of quality of cooperation in international exchange.

The independent ranking website (in Swedish) ranks Jönköping International Business School in a tie for second place among Swedish economy schools (the universities in Stockholm, Lund and Uppsala). The ranking focuses on giving students an overview of Swedish schools that offer courses in economics and business administration.

A ranking made by URANK shows that JIBS is number one in Sweden when it comes to internationalization, third in the category “teaching” and overall third in Sweden. The ranking is of all institutions that offer Business and Economics programmes.

In the book The Future of Business Schools, JIBS is ranked among the top five academic management schools in Sweden. (Durand & Dameron, 2007)

JIBS' bachelor programme International Management ranked as number four in Sweden, when the students had their say. The ranking was done as part of a master's thesis at the Stockholm School of Economics.

The Swedish news magazine Fokus (in Swedish) ranks the subjects Law and Economics in fifth place among Swedish HEIs. The ranking is based on the preferences of students.